Check out samples of my artwork with descriptions below. 

Mid-century Modern Desert Cat. Partially inspired by a painting of the desert my parents used to have when I was a kid, partly inspired by how beautiful the desert sky is. 

Mid century modern cat with snail. I have this printed on a pillow via and it looks fabulous. The colors pop so much!

Cat with butterfly. I love the  mid century feel of the flowers. I used mid century modern wallpaper with butterflies on it as a model for the butterfly! 

Cat and Bird. I made this bird for another piece (mid century modern desert house with cat), but I loved it so much that I wanted to use it in another image, so I made this forest. The trees were fun to make. I had made flowers that were mid century modern before, but never tried making mid century modern trees. They remind me a little of the trees in that old Rudolph Christmas special. I didn't intentionally make them like that, but that's how they came out. 

Street Art Cat. This was so much fun to create because I loved trying my hand at graffitti, which I have always found beautiful and fascinating, and also getting super-detailed. 

Lotus flower cat. Available on t-shirts and other merch at

Mid century modern cat and Scottie dog in London. I made this for my sister, who loves Scottie dogs. It looks soooo good on a tote bag with a red background (which she ordered from my shop on!!!

Mid-century Modern Desert House With Cat. My dream house; complete with cat and pina colada. 

A Walk in the Park. The dress she's wearing was inspired by a dress I found on Pinterest after Googling 1960s dresses.  

Space Cat. Boldly going where no cat has gone before...I wanted to create a space-traveling kitty because I could just imagine all kinds of space-related adventures. 

The Beach Life. There's nothing like the beach. Or like a big, cuddly orange cat. Together...they're magic! 

Yoga Cat. Along with the beach, this is one of those happy places I go to in my head. 

Still Life with Cat. I have loved Matisse since college. Here, I tried my hand at making an image similar to something he might create -- if he liked to paint big, fluffy orange cats, that is. 

Plant Cat. Most of the time, big, fluffy orange cats are pretty chill. But sometimes there are exceptions...

Siamese Cat. A Siamese mix was the first cat I ever had, so they are extra special to me, which is why I decided to draw this guy.  

Some abstract cat art I created for a blog hop on

More cat art for

Mid-century modern living room with a couple of lounging cats. I used these cats in a short, funny video I made about how to make a mask using your cat pretty early on after COVID quarantine started. Sometimes you draw a cat and they just exude a personality trait. I love the black cat's squishiness. He's just so adorably laid back.

I made the beach background for Microsoft Team meetings for a post of pet-related Microsoft Team backgrounds on my site, 

This is another cat that is full of personality. I use him a lot on my website, especially in gifs. Here, he's in an Andy-Warhol-inspired pop art, doughnut dyptych.

Owl and Cat. I was going for a fuzzier look for this guy and I also wanted to work with creating an owl, one of my favorite animals. It was funm to play around with the night lighting in the background. This one is available as a print on

Cat With Bright Umbrella With City Scape. I love those paintings where it's raining, but someone is carrying a bright umbrella. I decided to create a version with a cat. 

Dressing Up. Here, I really wanted to do some classic Hollywood or Beverly Hills glamour...with a cat, of course. I love the way this little kitten trying on the pearls came out, and it was really fun (and took forever) to create all the detail in the room. 

Curious kitten. I took a picture of my kitten, Slugger, and the picture captured her personality and how cute she is so well that I decided to create a portrait of her based on that particular picture. 

Space Cat in the Galaxy. Space Cat is traveling the galaxy. I love the way Earth looks almost 3-D. 

Brown thrasher

I really didn't even know about brown thrashers at all until I stumbled across a post of one on a website while looking for a new bird to draw. I was fascinated by how much personality they have. Someone described them as cheeky, which seems fitting. I focused on trying to capture the sense of cleverness they have and also had fun re-recreating that spotted belly.


Heron are beautiful animals and it's always amazing when I spot one at the park or when I'm driving. My mother used to llve to take pictures of birds and she captured some incredible ones of heron outside where she worked. I created this guy in memory of my mother, who was always on the lookout for a beautiful photograph of nature and also because she was such a huge supporter of my artwork. 

Kitten and Fairy. A forest sprite and a kitten come across one another in the woods. 

Cat and Fairy: Sometimes my cats will look all happy while staring off into space and it makes me think they're seeing something I don't see, so it's not hard to imagine a magical encounter between a kitty and a friendly fairy in the middle of the night. 

More New Year's Eve art. 

Easter Cat House. Created for an Easter Card. 

Thanksgiving art for website (

Christmas card. 

Starry Night with Kitties.  Like many, I've been influenced by VanGogh and Starry Night. And, like many, I wanted to try my hand at a tribute, only, in this case, with cats. 


Caturday Night Fever gif. A recipient of the Cat Writers' Association Certificate of Merit for Illustration Series, 2020. 


A quick holiday GIF