Wow, pet art! 

 A digital art portfolio

by Barbara Bullington

My Projects

From a young age, I have loved cats and other animals. I also love mid century modern style. Often, I combine the two. Other hobbies I love, such as gardening, often make an appearance in my art.
I'm always working on something creative, including painting and graphic deisgn. But, digital art is my favorite artform because the possibilities seem limitless.

I hope my digital art, which you can see by using the link to the gallery on this site, makes you smile, reminds you of one of your own pets, or otherwise brings you joy.

Please also check out my other site,, for news and information about caring for pets. 

Featured in CA Modern magazine -- Fall 2021 issue

My artwork was featured in CA Modern magazine's Fall 2021 issue and on their website:


Please visit my Gallery to get a feel for the style.